Monday, April 18, 2005

Creative Ideas Needed

What can "Mainstream Christians" do to counteract the influence of the right-wing Christians who are determined to force their "worldview" on the rest of society?

Share some of your best ideas about what to say about "Justice Sunday" to a Sunday School Class, or a Mission Society Circle, or a Deacon Board, or to an entire congregation.

A Blog for Mainstream Christians

This is a blog for Christians who wish to respond to "Justice Sunday." The express intention of the event is to pronounce anyone opposed to ending the 200 year tradition of filibusters in the Senate as “against people of faith.”

I am asking "Mainstream" pastors and lay people to say something or do something at your church this Sunday to counteract this blatant attempt to divide our country along religious lines.

This is not a partisan political issue. It is a moral issue that involves truth telling. It is an ethical issue involving matters of conscience. And, it is an issue of social justice involving the rights of minorities.

Post a comment and let others know what you plan to say or do this Sunday at your church.